Teepee with garland

The tipi tent with garland

Beautiful tents for children.
Moimili tents are a great place to play and to relaxe for every toddler. Our teepees are sewn of a thick cotton fabric. The whole is sewn with cotton border.

Our tipi has a window on the left. The poles are smoothed, the whole structure is fixed with a thick string with beads. Wooden sticks are placed in the tunnels sewn down below. These nice tents have 5 walls and a pentagonal base, making them more stable and larger than tents with a square base.

We make our teepees in Poland, mainly from products of Polish origin. We take care of every detail and high quality of production. With every tipi you will receive an instruction is a manual and a tipi carry case. We invite you to play in our world.

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Showing all 5 results